The Berean Acrostic it is More Than a Name


In the midst of a fallen world and the challenge of many claiming to be teachers of the truth, we are commanded to beware of “fools gold;” those things that from a casual review appear to be true and valuable when in reality are merely deceptive falsehoods devoid of any eternal worth (1 John 4:1-6).

In Acts 17:10-12 we find our example in the heart of the Bereans, they were . . .

B—Believing in the Word (v.10b & 12)

E—Eager for the Word (v.11c)

R—Receiving the Word (v.11b)

E—Examining  the Word (v.11e)

A—Aggressively  in the Word (v.11f)

N—Nobleminded concerning the Word (11.a)

At Berean Baptist Church we have chosen our name intentionally, our passion is to live up to its biblical example. Our prayer is that our assembly will wholly become a practitioner of the Berean model. We will purpose to be diligently aware of the deceptive “fool’s gold” of the evil one and his messengers. We will establish ourselves in God’s Word as the basis of Truth and understanding. May God grant us the heart of genuine Bereans!